Age: 18

Major: Digital Arts

B-day: Jan 13, Capricorn

Likes: Drawing, The 80s, Anime, Video Games, and Sleeping

Dislikes: Not Much.... wait... she doesn't like the Atkins Diet.

Candi lives in a scholarship house with 5 other roommates. It's cheap rent and they feed you, but there's a lot of rules and regulations to follow as well. She's pretty laid back about all of this though.Candi mostly has an optimistic personality, even though she does have her down times. She likes to see everyone happy, and hates conflict. Although she tries her best to be friendly to everyone, she has a tenedancy to not let people get really close to her. The only people that really ever get to see her when she's sad and that trusts completely are Alex and Jon. Alex because she's madly in love with the guy, and Jon because she's known him since middle school.

Her roommate is Laura, whom she gets along with. She hangs out with Linda a lot, Jess scares her a little, and she wants to get to know Trevor better.